Haverford Township

Tree Tenders​ Program

Haverford Township Tree Tenders and Haverford Township Historical Society are joining together to create a Heritage Tree Program.  We are interested in creating a list of the oldest and largest trees in the Township, as a way to celebrate our history and promote the benefits of keeping these trees.  
Large trees enhance the environment exponentially over smaller ones, for a variety of reasons:

  • Every leaf on a tree creates oxygen and filters pollutants in the air.  
  • Large trees reduce energy usage and costs and thus our carbon footprint. They provide shade which reduces air conditioning costs and a windbreak from cold air which reduces heating costs.
  • Each inch of root mass improves storm water management and the filtration of water-borne pollutants.
  • In addition to environmental benefits, the grandeur of large trees creates a sense of history and place for the Township, enhancing our quality of life and raising property values.

Tree Tenders will be identifying the largest trees in the Township over the next few years.  Trees will be considered Heritage Trees if they measure at least 42” in diameter (132” in circumference) at the height of 54” from the ground line.  If your tree has a fork, swelling or branch at 54”, measure just below it.  

As funding becomes available, we will offer a tree care consultation to owners of Heritage Trees and recognize Heritage Trees with a plaque.  Once a list is developed, an event will be organized to take a tour of a few of our biggest trees.  

If you own or know of a tree that should be on our list, contact Jeanne Angell at angellsrus@comcast.net.  

Heritage Tree Program