• Chatham Glen Park
  • Llanerch Park
  • Llanerch Business District
  • Paddock Park
  • Gest Tract
  • Ardmore Junction Train Station
  • Darby Road Median
  • Thompson Nature Tract
  • Powdermill Park
  • Municipal Parking Lots in Brookline, Llanerch, Oakmont 
  • Karakung Drive
  • Old Manoa Road
  • Hathaway Lane
  • Normandy Park
  • Elwell Field
  • Steel Field
  • Penfield Station
  • Brookline School
  • Veteran's Field
  • Merry Place
  • St. Rafaela Center
  • American Legion at Grasslyn Park
  • Haverford Reserve
  • Chatham Park School
  • Coopertown School

​​​Imagine if trees gave off wifi signals.  
We'd all be planting like crazy, and probably save the planet, too.  
Too bad they only give us the air that we breathe.

How do we select our tree planting sites?

We are open to suggestions for sites for our planting days, but for the most part we partner with neighborhood civic associations or other groups who are willing to commit to bringing volunteers on the planting day and to assist with watering in the year or two after we plant.

Our goal was to plant a thousand new trees.

Since the creation of our group in 2009, we have planted over 1200 trees.  In addition to planting trees on residential streets throughout the Township, Tree Tenders has organized planting days at many Haverford Township parks and other public spaces.

The public plantings are held in mid-November.  

Tree Planting in Parks and Public Spaces

Haverford Township

Tree Tenders​ Program

Where have we planted?